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Rafting & Kayaking

Rumbling waters of the Himalayas provide some of the best opportunities for white water rafting. Kullu valley in Himachal pradesh and various spots on the banks of the Ganges are famous most routes for white water rafting. Summer is the best season for this activity as the current of the spring waters is at its peak in this season.

Stretches of river ‘Narmada’ in Madhya Pradesh – somewhere serene and somewhere squally are, the best routes for Kayaking in India. Apart from that, Ganges certainly provides some of the wildest stretches for an experienced Kayak rider.


Rock climbing & Rappelling

Idar in Gujarat, Mt.Arbudachal (Abu) in Rajasthan and the Sahyadri mountain ranges in Maharashtra provide some of the steepest and hardcore rocks for an advanced climber. Rock walls scattered in Vindhyachal Ranges in Madhya Pradesh cannot be over looked for this sport. Himalayas are famous for their mixed terrain of rocks and mountains, fit for an adventure climber.


River Crossing, Scuba Diving & Water Scootering

River crossing is a thrill all over the country where short & long, shallow & deep and sandy & rocky – all kinds of riverbanks are available.

Scuba Diving is that pleasure which is sparsely seen in India. Adiman’s arranges best of the Scuba diving tours for the sea life lovers. Arabian sea shores of Gujarat are full of coral formations and other sea life. Bet dwarka, the marine sanctuary near Jamnagar, the shore of diu and the gulf of kutchh are some of the best places for this sport in Gujarat.

Goa is one of the top tourist attractions where too this sport can be enjoyed. Water scooters are available for nominal charges for that wild & free ride you would have always wanted to have over the water…

Mountaineering and Trekking

India offers best places for the trekking and mountaineering lovers. Starting from far north Leh-Ladakh – the Little Tibet that is a cold mountainous desert, the endless trekking routes and mountaineering circuits lead northeast to Neapl, Bhutan, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. The same trekking opportunities lie all over the Himachal pradesh & Uttaranchal (The Upper & Middle Himalayan ranges), Madhya Pradesh (Vindhyachal range) and Maharashtra (Sahyadri range).

Desert Safaris

The great desert of Thar in Rajasthan and the small rann of Kutchh in Gujarat are the best destinations to explore the desert life. The sweaty hot days and chilly sandy nights over the desert dunes. Experience unique colorful culture of the people in this region and understand the fragile desert ecology along with the thrilling desert safaris, somewhere in those 4 X WDs and somewhere on the camel’s back !

Mountain Safari & Biking

Mountain safari over some of the highest roads of the world is possible only in India at this juncture of time… The world’s highest motorable road Khardung-La – more than 18,000 Ft (5500 mts) in Ladakh region offers exotic view, unmatched thrilling experience of Mountain Safari. J&K, Himachal and Uttaranchal offering exotic virgin destinations along with real adventure are the top destinations for mountain safaris.

If you have the guts to ride your own motorbike or mountain bicycle above the world…we make your dreams come true!

Skiing, Snow Boarding & Snow Scootering

Auli – a skiing destination in the Uttaranchal is the only destination in India where slopes suitable for skiing along with the skiing lift are available. The mountaineering institute conducts skiing and snow boarding courses on a regular basis in winters. The best skiing season here is from December to February. Some other places such as Solang Valley and Marhi near Manali are also suitable for the amateur skier. Solang valley is soon to be equipped with the required infrastructure for skiing.


Wildlife Safaris – in the great Biodiversity of India

India is amongst the very few greatest bio-diversities of the world. Gir forest - the only abode of Asiatic Lions, Central India – The only home to the Tiger (Panthera Tigiris), & Gujarat and Maharashtra – the jungles of Sloth bears are a very few examples of the unique and rich biodiversity found across the country. Asiatic Dolphins (Gangetic) on the coast of Gujarat, Ibex & Snow leopards in the north, Wild elephants in the south and northeast are another few examples. India is home to some of the most exotic and endangered species of this world.

Paragliding over the Mountains and the Ocean

Many destinations in Uttaranchal are home to paragliding. Jump in the steep valley and land over the soft sands of the river…Dive from the helicopter and land over some of the densest forests of the country…! This all season sport can also be enjoyed at its best in the Solang Valley.

Get yourself tied with a motorboat and take of with an open paraglider…and release yourself when enough of your adrenalin has emitted…Goa is the place that offers you paragliding over the Arabian sea at its best!



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